1 Q: Why single use solar energy, can not charge?
A: The solar panels solar panels maximum current of 100mA, theoretically, the sunlight is intense, full of all of the battery's capacity to more than 31 hours. Because when you put the charging current is large, fast charging, charging more to the discharge rate, so when the battery is low, it can be USB direct wireless charging.

2 Q: How do I know the sun in charge?
A: When the red LED lights products, indicating that solar energy at work.

3 Q: When the battery capacity is 3100mAH, or why 2100mAH rechargeable, fully satisfied a phone?
A: Because the battery storage time, or when not filled, there will be power loss. In a wireless charging process it will have power loss, so the same volume products can not be filled the same capacity mobile phone battery.

4 Q: Why the wireless charging products have fever phenomenon?
A: Whether wired or wireless, the product will generate heat during charging is normal, Branch filled products using the latest technology to make the provision of electricity, so ease of use.

5 Q: Why the receiving sheet I purchased from the market can not charge a transmitter for families?
A: Section charge receive and transmit a combination of product design, using the best distance, fixed on the bit, transmit and receive the perfect combination. Products on the market of non-branch charge products supporting products.

6 Q: How do I know department in charge of products in the wireless charging?
A: Section LED indicates charge for all products, show at work, but 10 seconds after light will automatically turn off, if at this time would like to see whether the normal charge, you can see the battery icon and charge the phone, if you want to check the battery You can view the press charge button on the subjects filled products.

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